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The Industry Leading Report Series for Conversational A.I.

A Report You Don't Want To Miss

If you are a professional in the Conversational A.I. community this report will provide with valuable information you will not find anywhere else. This report will assist you in the decision making process as a professional leading digital transformation, developing a new products, designing the next conversational experience or taking your next bot live to production.

Where Are We Today?

Get a glimpse at where we are in the technology adoption curve  per region, use case and industry. Get a summary on the the latest deployments, M&A activity, funding rounds and more.

Successes &

Learn from real life success stories and what brands and organizations are doing today to overcome he main challenges.

Our Vision?

As we make progress towards our united vision where billion of people will use their own natural language to get things done we will update our vision to what is becoming possible.

Insights &

Understand what the main trends are and gain unique insights into what you should be focusing on next.











Bots By The Numbers

Data You Can Trust

We take pride in our data and do our best to keep it up to date while multiple sources and analytics to provide our research team with the best data possible. 

For each company we research we use more than fifty independent data sources in order to check and cross reference our information. 

Each data point that we collect we have an indicator of the source. The source may be an external system or our analysis of it. In addition the source may also be Sunrize through our proprietary A.I. trained algorithms which will improve over time. 

The Brains Behind the Bots

Based on the data we collect and analyze, we can conduct further market research and come up with our own insights and summarize them in a way which is easy to understand and take action on.​

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Actionable Research


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Join The Discussion

After reading the report you will have the opportunity to discuss the report insights with other professionals in the industry. You will be matched with professionals based on each others preferences, availability and our matching algorithm.

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